Model UN FAQs

What is the time commitment?

Plan to dedicate an hour (on average) per week to conduct research and write any papers or resolutions to submit to the conference. Know that this club is relatively laid back compared to most school Model UN clubs, which meet once or twice per week and require a lot more homework!

When are club meetings?

Meetings are scheduled as needed via group chat (usually at Starbucks or any other convenient location), once every 2-3 weeks. There is no regular meeting place or time.

Why should I sign up?

It’s really satisfying to be able to contribute your own ideas to a policy paper, then have a room full of students vote for your ideas. You’ll get to know dozens of students from schools around the city. Also, putting Model UN on your resume looks pretty impressive to colleges and employers.

Where can I learn more about Model UN?

The United Nations Association of the USA has a great introduction to Model UN for beginners and a bunch of FAQs.

What is a conference?

A Model UN conference is a mock proceeding of the United Nations, usually involving hundreds of students from different schools across the city or even the state. Conferences are the pinnacle of Model UN. Our goal at club meetings is to prepare for conferences.

Currently, we are preparing for the Winthrop Model UN conference, which will be held March 20-22 at Winthrop University.

Model UN seems pretty daunting. What if I don’t know enough to be in your club?

We’re in the same boat – we’ll be learning right beside each other. This isn’t a competitive team; our goal is simply to have some fun, and hopefully learn a few new things along the way.

How can I join?

The deadline to sign up for the Winthrop MUN conference was January 1.

You can sign-up now to join this club, and we will start having meetings with new members at the beginning of April.

Sign-up for the club here.

How big is the club?

On average, our club has 4-5 members.

Can I still be a part of Model UN club if I miss a meeting or join in the middle of the year?

Of course!

What goes on in club meetings?

First, we’ll learn the lingo of Model UN and get familiar with the procedure of a Model UN conference. Then we’ll do research on global issues relating to certain countries, and we’ll also practice impromptu speeches to get comfortable talking in front of an audience.

Do I have to pay to participate in Model UN club?

The club is free, but there is usually a small fee to participate in a conference.

What should I bring to Model UN club meetings?

Bring a laptop or, alternatively, paper and pencil.

Is there an adult advisor?

Our advisor is Haley Matson, President of Model UN at Wingate University.