All middle and high school homeschoolers are welcome, regardless of experience and ability to commit! We will be learning how to use a DSLR camera, what all the different functions are, methods of staging photos, different kinds of photography, and more! Club temporarily postponed from meetings until further interest is expressed.

Later on we may try to have our club located elsewhere a few times for more places to photograph, but that information will be on the website if/when it is decided! Until then meet us at Ballantyne Presbyterian Church, 9925 Providence Road West, Charlotte NC 28277.

Be sure to bring a camera if you have one, if you do not have a camera, bring your phone for pictures, but look into getting a camera if you are serious about photography. Also bring a notebook and pen or pencil if you would like to write notes for yourself.

This club going to focus on the basics of photography. The group will have the ability to learn, create, critique, and share their work. We will be learning about everything from ISO and aperture when taking pictures to the editing process after and how to share your photos!

With any questions, contact Jillian Scharf: